Video Conferencing Rooms Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Panels Video Conference roomAchieving high sound quality in video conferencing or teleconferencing rooms requires special attention to reverberation and reflected sound . This is particularly important if the room was not originally designed for the purpose. Many current video conferencing rooms have hard reflective surfaces on walls, ceilings, tables, etc, which will cause reverberation or increased noise levels. This means that the sound quality can be detrimentally effected, making it hard  for those at the other end of the connection to hear clearly.

One cost effective way to overcome this problem is to introduce Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels into the room. By placing  Serenity Fabric Faced Acoustic Panels in the appropriate places on the walls or ceilings the reverberation time can be reduced significantly, resulting in a significant improvement to the sound quality.

When designing a new teleconference or video conference room it is important to consider room privacy, or noise penerating from outside the space, as well as the sound quality within the room. Solutions include using an effective sound barrier plasterboard like Soundcheck and installing insulation in the wall cavity. To complete the acoustic treatment you will need to include sound absorbing acoustic panels like Serenity Acoustic panels. This will reduce the noise levels in the room itself, therefore improving sound quality for both the speaker and the listener.

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