Noisy Ballroom- Fixed with Serenity Acoustic Panels

Noisy Ballroom fixed
Reduce Noise in Ballroom

A Noisy Ballroom can be very difficult to solve.

When a Ballroom has many hard durable surfaces the result can be a lot of noise or a sound system that does not work as well as it should. This can be further compounded when the room is used for many different types of functions.

In the Main Ballroom at the City of Whitehorse, Boxhill, Vistoria Australia the room was being renovated and restored to the Heritage look of the past. The problem was that this did not initially include any acoustic treatment. The Whitehorse Council engaged an Acoustic Engineer, Mr David Dolly from Acoustic Consulting Australia to do an analysis and recommend a solution to the problem.

Mr Dolly spoke to Sontext and discussed the range of decorative as well as acoustic options available. The choice was to use Serenity Acoustic panels on the walls and the ceilings. The wall panels had to be sturdy, robust but also fit in with the existing decor and as a result Serenity Acoustic Panels were selected. The thickness of the wall panel was 50mm as this panels improves sound performance an a number of frequencies, as well as the panels being made to larger siLightweight Ceiling Panels in a noisy ballroomzes.

One of the difficulties in a Noisy Ballroom especially with high curved ceilings is to find a product that will be rigid but also flexible enough to follow the curve of the ceiling. SerenityLite Fabric Acoustic panels were chosen as the meet all the above criteria.

SerenityLite Fabric Acoustic Panels are available in 25mm or 50mm thick, but in this application the 25mm thick was selected. this meant it would meet the requirements of the Acoustic engineer but also would be flexible enough to span over a curved ceiling.

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Sontext Panels solve the nois problems in a Noisy Ballroom
Article Name
Sontext Panels solve the nois problems in a Noisy Ballroom
Serenity Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels were installed in a Noisy Ballroom in Melbourne Australia. Covered in Fabric and in Bespoke sizes the panels were installed in accordance with the acoustic Engineers requirements