Auditorium Acoustics using Sontext Panels

Auditorium Acoustics using Sontext Panels

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Auditorium Acoustics Treatment
Improve speech intelligibility in auditoriums by reducing reflected sound

When considering wall and ceiling linings for large spaces such as auditoriums, lecture theatres and performance venues, the effect of reflected sound on speech and music quality is critical. These effects are commonly termed auditorium acoustics and they need specific solutions.

At Suzanne Corey College in Victoria, Australia, Brand Architects consulted with Acoustic Consulting Australia, as they knew it could be critical to the satisfactory use of the interior spaces if reverberation control was not considered in the fitout.

Auditorium Acoustics solutions for ACA

One of the key issues that Acoustic Consulting Australia considered when assessing the project was that of broad frequency sound absorbing panels, placed in the right positions, could help optimise the sound quality and clarity in the auditorium. Sontext was then approached by Brand Architects to select a product that would give the interior designer the ‘feel’ they wanted while achieving the acoustic performance required by the acoustic engineer at Acoustic Consulting Australia.

Acoustic Panels chosen to reduce reflected sound

The choice was a combination of Serenity and Sonofonic Acoustic Panels. Fabric acoustic panels at 25mm thickness were chosen as these produced an NRC of 0.85.  For further performance details send an email to On the back wall of the auditorium, Acoustic Consulting Australia chose 100mm thick Fabric Acoustic Panels. This was because the 100mm thick panels have increased absorption at low frequency.

Serenity Acoustic Panels are available in a wide range of fabric finishes while the Sonofonic painted wall panels are from the selected RAL colour range.

For further information on either Serenity or Sonofonic panels please call +61 3 9432 2733 or email us at


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