UAE Acoustic Panels and Sound Absorbing Acoustic Solutions United Arab Emirates

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are highly decorative and functional. Serenity Acoustic Panels have been used in many projects in the UAE, including Universities, Schools, Offices and Government buildings.

Available in a wide range of thicknesses and finishes Serenity Fabric acoustic Panels are suitable for any project that needs to reduce noise or improve sound quality. Printed Art Panels are another option for a boardroom or Lobby.

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Murano Acoustic Wood Panels were installed in the American University in Al Ein to improve the Sound performance in the lecture theaters. Available in Real Wood Veneer, Decorative Laminates and Painted finish, Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are very affordable and high quality finish

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Sonofonic Acoustic Baffles and clouds are ideal for reducing noise in large spaces. Recently installed in a large gymnasium in the city Damman, Saudi Arabia for Aramco in a large school project. 

Available in custom shapes and colours as well as the standard range, Sonofonic Clouds and Baffles are very affordable as well as looking great.

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Sontext Acoustic Panels have been used in many universities around the MENA region. They have been installed in Lecture theatres, Administration buildings, Gymnasiums and board rooms.

Designed to improve sound quality Sontext Panels are functional and affordable.


Noise in function rooms or ballrooms is a major problem, as is getting the correct sound performance. This can be controlled with acoustical design incorporating the appropriate treatment. Sontext supply acoustic panels that can solve  noise issues and improve the overall sound performance of any space.

Commercial Properties

Noise can be a major problem in Offices, Meeting rooms , Boardrooms and Reception areas. Installing Sontext Acoustic panels can improve the function of the room and make it more usable. Installing Serenity Acoustic Wall or Ceiling panels is an economical way of reducing noise while adding to the look and feel of the room.

Printed Acoustic Art Panels are a great way to reduce noise and  have an art piece or a corporate image in the reception or foyer.

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