3D Acoustic Panels reduce noise in schools

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3D acoustics panels with fun – Serenity3D

Sontext 3D acoustic panels are constructed from heavy density glass-wool and a timber frame backing. Covered in a wide range of decorative fabrics Serenity3D is the latest in an exciting range available at Sontext.

By using the heavy high performance Glass-wool Sontext achieve excellent sound absorption a all frequencies.

If you have a noisy classroom with children struggling to hear and therefore having difficulty in concentrating, by adding Serenity3D the problem is solved. Due to the performance of the sound absorbing material noise at both low and high frequency is treated, This will created not only an exciting decor but a high functioning learning space.


Serenity3D in School

The benefits of Serenity3D are

  • decorative
  • functional
  • high sound absorption
  • impact resistant
  • removable

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