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Acoustic Panels to improve sound performanceBy introducing Acoustic Panels into a Sound Studio  or rehearsal room not only do you remove unwanted echo or reverberation but you can improve the sound quality significantly. In this project Newcastle University (designed by Acoustic Studios of Sydney) the panels vary in size thickness, and  in structure to enhance the performance of the sound produced.

It is extremely important when designing a room for a specific acoustic performance that you engage an Acoustic engineer or Consultant. The products you can choose from the Sontext range are , Bass Traps, Quadratic  diffusers, Absorbers and reflective acoustic panels. Sontext have all their  products test by leading laboratories around the world and as such work with leading acoustic consultants to provide the perfect solution to your design problem.

One other important consideration is that Acoustic treatments do not have to be boring pieces of grey foam. The decor or aesthetic  feel of a room can be enhanced by adding different colour fabrics, Picture panels or  even unique shapes in the room. For further information contect us by email ( or by phone  Melbourne +61 3 9811 4796 or Sydney +61 2 9844 5414.

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