Which is the Best Type of Ceiling Panel for Great Interior Sound Quality and Deluxe Finish?

No one likes unwanted noise, which can be caused by reverberation in a building’s interior, as it can an create an uncomfortable space for people who live or work in such an environment. Sound that echoes is a source of annoyance and it can even make communication difficult. When it comes to public spaces such as classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms, you may have noticed that some of these places have giant art fittings, large plants and lush curtains to absorb reflected sound. Acoustic Panels, such as Murano timber ceiling panels, are a more effective solution to improve sound quality.

The specialty of Timber Acoustic Panels
Be it at home or in the workplace, wood is a modern and appealing material that can shape your surroundings. According to industry experts ‘Dark wood is one of the modern interior trends in 2018 and it brings a warmth and touch of luxury to a room.’ Timber finishes have their own unique characteristics, which can be used for wall panels, flooring, as well as acoustic ceiling panels. Murano acoustic timber ceiling panels can create a classic interior design while minimising the echo within the room. Generally, acoustic wood panels are good to use for school halls, sports halls, gymnasiums, lecture theatres, churches, retail and other large-sized offices to enhance overall speech quality in interior spaces.

As Murano timber ceiling panels are available in perforated patterns, wood veneer, and painted laminate, you have an unlimited choice to choose the best-suited solution to reduce noise. The wood panels are available in various slotted or perforated patterns, which help in delivering; different kinds of acoustic performances.

Murano Acoustic Timber Panels:
• Are quite easy to install and very visually appealing.
• Have a high acoustic performance that reduce unwanted echo.
• Are quite robust and highly impact-resistant which can take a lot of abuse.

Since acoustic timber panels with different patterns have different sound absorbing characteristics, it is important to make the right choice. Sontext recommends that you can also consult an acoustic specialising professional.

Touted as one of the most dependable acoustic paneling systems in the market, wood panels are designed and tested to perform in noisy environments. Be it the robustness or their decor characteristic, timber acoustic panels give you a classic look and a quiet room.