How Noise Impacts Student Learning in Schools

Education plays a pivotal role in supporting children’s learning and engaging them in school. School communities are constantly trying to adopt new and effective ways of teaching and keeping students engaged. Noise and other distractions can hamper the learning process and also impact the academic performance of students. Schools can reduce reverberation and improve the students’ learning environment by installing classrooms acoustic panels such as the 50mm Serenity Lite Acoustic Panels.

Though there are many distractions outside of the classroom it’s important to help students remain focused and engaged.

Background Noise and Student Performance

Student performance in the classroom is associated with the background noise in the class and sound clarity. Studies have shown that noisy conditions have direct negative effects on learning, particularly language and reading and will increase the likelihood of a child having educational difficulties. Classrooms play a big role in a student’s learning experience, so it’s important to pay attention to the layout and design the learning space.

Kinds of Noises
Once the importance of reducing distractions caused by unwanted background noise is understood, schools should understand the types of background noises. Basically, reverberation, airborne noise, and impact noise are the main types of noises that can obstruct a student’s learning. All these types of noises have their own set of characteristics, which need to be dealt with by making right design and layout strategies for rooms.

An Effective Solution
Classroom acoustic panels are specifically designed to absorb the noise bouncing off hard surfaces such as windows and desks. These panels reduce sound pressure in a classroom as well as the pressure on the teachers to communicate louder in order to be audible. Acoustic panels create a comfortable learning environment for students as well as a less hectic work environment for teachers.
There are many types of acoustic panels such as fabric acoustic panels, acoustic clouds and baffles, and acoustic wood panels supplied. You can find acoustic panel solutions in geometric shapes, various finishes, coatings, and customised sizes to suit unique requirements of a particular room. Sontext recommend consulting with an acoustic professional to find the best acoustic panel for your classroom.

It is necessary to create a good learning environment and using right acoustic panel solution in the classroom can help. Sontext has installed Serenity Lite Wall and Ceiling Panels in classrooms across Australia which have reduced reverberation and added to the room décor. Students and teachers have noticed an improvement in sound levels and echo within their learning space.