Broadcast Studio Acoustics

Improve sound quality in Broadcastic studioImproving sound quality in a radio broadcast studio has never been easier. With the use of the New SerenityLite fabric covered acoustic panels.

Reverberation or unwanted background noise can be very problematic for broadcasting from an outside studio. Another problem in the past has been that usually foam panels have been used and these have a limited life span.

In the Radio broadcast studios at Metricon stadium SerenityLite Fabric covered acoustic panels have been installed due to their robustness and ease of installation. The builder was Watpac Australia and the choice was to have all the studio in the colour red to match the decor of stadium. This was achieved by choosing one of the many decorative fabrics available from the Rim Trilogy 1 range.

If you are designing a Recording or broadcast studio please consider the SerenityLite range of acoustic panels. Contact Sontext on

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