Decorative Panels – A Solution for Noisy Reception Areas

Reduce Noise in ReceptionDecorative Acoustic Panels Minimise Reverberation in Noisy Foyers

Hard surfaces  such as glass walls, tiled floors, timber and masonary, can look spectacular. Commercial foyers and reception areas have these surfaces in abundance. However, they can create noise problems due to reflected sound.  Decorative Acoustic Panels can installed to minimise this problem.

Reflected sound, or reverberation, can raise noise levels in all public spaces, increasing stress for occupants, and making speech difficult to understand. Background noise can also make life every difficult and uncomfortable for receptionists answering phones, or visitors making enquiries . This can also cause difficulties for incoming callers if they are subject to high levels of background noise.

It is possible to reduce or even eliminate reverberation and create a comfortable and quieter reception or foyer area, by installing decorative, fabric-covered acoustic panels on the walls or ceilings. In the picture above, 25mm thick Serenity Wall Panels have been installed to the wall of the reception area. The panels are 2400x1200x25mm thick and are covered in an acoustic screen fabric from Instyle Fabrics. Fabric facing can be changed at any time in the future to complement redecoration of the reception area, by changing fabric finish.

The result was a quieter and more pleasant space to be in, greater acoustic comfort for visitors and a receptionist with much reduced stress levels.

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