Noise in Conference Rooms

Serenity Acoustic Wall panelsObtrusive background noise, and its effect on speech clarity is a common problem in busy office meeting space environments. With unbacked carpet tiles often replacing traditional carpet and underlay in many general offices, boardrooms or conference rooms,  these spaces can experience a significant increase in noise problems of this type.

One solution to background office noise is to install sound absorbing panels over hard surfaces, such as plasterboard or masonary wall and ceilings. The use of acoustic panels will minimise reflected sound, or reverberation, and provide a more pleasant working environment for occupants.

Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels have been engineered and tested for most office applications, and are available in a range of modern acoustic screen fabrics that can be coordinated with existing room decor. The panels can even be custom printed with logos or other images.

In Australia, Serenity Acoustic Panels are available from Sontext through the company’s NSW or Victorian sales offices. Serenity Panels are also available from Sontext distributors in Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. To have a sales person contact you please send an email to

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