Fabric Acoustic Panels Doha Airport.

Acoustic Panels Fabritrak installedInconjunction with the Sontext distributor in Qatar, Sontext have recently completed installation of both Fabric Acoustic Panels and FabriTRAK stretch wall systems.

Using fabrics from Carnegie textiles including Xorel, we have created a series of unique acoustic wall panels and treatments. The treatments involved using Serenity Acoustic Panels and 1/2 inch FabriTRAK systems. The Serenity panel was chosen because of its unique impact resistant membrane which makes it ideal as a wall panel in high traffic public areas. FabriTRAK was used due to the flexibility of the system and the fact that it can be installed on site, giving the architect the flexibility of last minute changes. By using FabriTRAK it also enabled the choice of leather as a decorative wall system.

The Sontext distributor in Qatar Is Deco Trading and Contracting who have been commissioned by Dragoni and SkyOrix to intake the installation of the acoustic treatments.

For further information please send an email to qatar@sontext.com.au.

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