Acoustic Panels Sound Absorbing Classrooms

Install Sontext Acoustic Art Panels to improve elegance and sound quality in classrooms

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Transform the ambience of classrooms by suitable noise control solution

Acoustic Panels in Kuwait
Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels in Kuwait

Schools are the temples of learning. They play a vital role in moulding personalities of children who are considered as the future architects of the country. Classrooms provide suitable learning environment to the students. They should be spacious, equipped with proper learning tools and free from any noise problem.

Classrooms with high rooflines and poor acoustics will create a great problem to learners. Besides creating confusion related to understanding of teachers’ lectures, students would not be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues, teachers or other staffs.

Why Sontext acoustic panels for classrooms?

We at Sontext understand the seriousness of noise problems in any residential or commercial establishment. Hence, we bring to our clients premium quality Classrooms Acoustic Panels that improve the sound quality of classrooms and transform the ambience to make it suitable for all learning activities.

The scientifically tested fabric or wooden acoustic panels absorb the sound of a wide range of frequencies and enable users to give the best acoustic treatment to their properties.

Installing our Decorative Wood Panels for Classrooms will not only help you say goodbye to noise problems but will also enhance the decor of your classrooms. You can even get customised Sontext Art panels that would consist of images of your choice. These panels would add to the visual appeal of your classrooms and would ensure that 85 % of the sound that hits the panel be absorbed.

We are committed to providing our clients with the finest quality products that come with stylish architectural finishes. Our Sound Absorbing Panel Classrooms reduce reverberation and provide high-performance and long-lasting services.



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