Acoustic Panels by Sontext

Think Acoustics -Think Sontext. Our acoustic solutions allow you to create a  unique design feature to suit any interior.

Sontext is a privately owned and operated company specialising in Architectural Acoustic Solutions for Interior spaces. Our acoustic product range includes ceiling and wall panels, acoustic clouds and baffles manufactured in various colours and finishes. Sontext Acoustic products are created to be installed onto interior walls or ceilings and integrated with existing or new design themes. Sontext specialises in supplying and installing our own range of sound-absorbing panels, lining materials and acoustic treatments. We have relationships with industry-leading consultants and corporations worldwide, strongly established in the Middle East, Asia, USA, Australia and the Pacific region. Our partnerships have allowed us to work on some prestigious projects globally.


Polyester Acoustic solutions Decrasound screens
Polyester Acoustic systems and solutions

DecraSound products are manufactured from 65% recycled polyester fibre, which is non-toxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. DecraSound Panels and Shapes are designed to provide maximum decorative design flexibility while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by minimising reverberation.

DecraSound complements the Sontext range of fabric-faced and perforated timber acoustic panel products, ensuring our clients have the maximum choice of acoustic solutions for interior sound control.

Acoustic Panels - Noise in Meeting room

Fabric-faced Acoustic Panels are manufactured by Sontext under the ‘Serenity’ brand. Serenity panels are designed to provide excellent sound absorption while enhancing the décor of any room. The designer has the freedom to make his or her own choice of a stylish screen fabric wrapping from the huge variety available on the market.

Sontext work with consultants world wide to ensure that the Sontext range is fully tested for acoustic performance, all components are environmentally rated and meet fire standards around the globe.

Sontext is a company that is totally committed to sustainability and be not only an environmentally aware company but an environmentally active company.


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