The Acoustic treatment of a studio involves many types of products, each designed for a particular frequency or method of treating sound.

Bass Traps

Treating Low frequency sound requires specifically designed acoustic panels. There are many alternatives depending on the particular frequency range.

Ceiling Treatment

Reflections of sound on the ceilings can be a particular problem in broadcast or recording studios. Serenity Acoustic Panels are available from 25mm to 400mm thicknesses depending on the frequency being treated.


In studio design it is not all about sound absorption. Sontext have manufactured  a number of custom designed diffusers that are designed to treat specific frequencies or range of frequencies.

Fabric Covered Wall Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels are available in a range of thicknesses for  various sound absorption treatments. With the inclusion of L32 Impact resist membrane it means the panels are robust to deal with moving of equipment around the studio, without the fear of damage.

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Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

Due to the number of available perforation patterns available, the acoustic treatment can be designed using the Murano Range of perforated and slotted acoustic panels. The come in natural wood veneers as well as painted finishes.

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Fabritrak Stretch wall and ceiling systems

In studios, sometimes it is a requirement to have a flexible wall system that means that access can be gained to wiring etc,  and having the ability to custom build the room on site. Fabritrak is a on site built acoustic system that can incorporate may types of acoustic requirements.

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Sontext have supplied acoustic treatments to studios in many of Australia's largest Universities or educational facilities. Here are only a few, and for more details contact us as below.

Australian Film Television and Radio School

Sontext supplied up to 12 different types of acoustic panels to the studios and performing areas in the Australian Film Television and Radio school. From Studio treatment to foyers and reception areas.

Box Hill Institute Music School

Sontext provided Acoustic Panels for all kinds of music from drums to voice. This meant many specifically designed acoustic panels, custom made. Areas treated were Control rooms, theater,  recording studios, and many other types of rooms.

RMIT University

Sontext have completed many projects at RMIT including Radio Broadcast Studios, teaching facilities, recording studios. Each of these required a tailored approach with Bespoke acoustic panels.

Newcastle University

Acoustic Studios in Sydney designed tailor made Acoustic panels to treat all frequency ranges. Each room had its own challenges due to the existing design, by treating each room with a specific acoustic panel, perfect recording conditions were achieved


Sontext operate in Australia, Middle East and the UK. Please contact us for further information or contact details of our local partners.

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